Grease Trap Cleaning Service in NYC

Grease traps are a challenge to restaurants and commercial cooking areas when not cleaned thoroughly and regularly. When you have grease trap maintenance done routinely, the drains will keep flowing smoothly and this ensures there are no costly backups. Your business should not be interfered with because a grease trap is clogged

Grease Traps Cleaning Service

Grease traps are simple systems designed to hold fats, oils, and grease, preventing them from entering the sewer lines. When left unchecked, the fog from your cooking area will cool and solidify sticking inside the pipes. Sufficient amount of fog will start trapping food particles and debris. With time, the fog and the food particles will form a solid mass, which will obstruct the free flow of waste water, moisture, and air. This will cause the sewage to back up.

With grease traps, however, fog does not find its way into the sewer system. When the grease traps have held enough fog, they need to be cleaned and that is where we come in. Call us on 646-703-0047 and get the service delivered to you.

Protect Your Grease Traps To Protect You

The traps, unlike other parts of the ventilation and exhaust system, need to be maintained regularly as they can only hold a small quantity of the fog. Granted, daily or weekly maintenance routines are recommended. Most municipalities require that you clean your traps once every month. However, if your commercial or restaurant cooking area is involved in heavy cooking every day, you might need more frequent cleaning. Our work is to keep your facility clean, ensure you stay compliant with regulations and your business keeps running. We might send our qualified cleaner to assess the condition of the traps before you schedule a cleaning appointment with us. Our NYC services cover NYC Metro Area, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, NJ, Staten Island and Long-Island.

There is no task that is too small or too big for us. When you hire us, we will drain the grease wastes from all the traps, clean and inspect baffles, run a system test to make sure water is flowing as it should, and dispose the material pumped into the traps.

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Keep the Grease Trap at Tip Top Performance

You can schedule weekly & specialty cleaning service to fit your needs. You should ensure that food preparation and wash sinks are tied to a trap and ensure that the trap is properly sized to hold all the fog from your cooking area. Your staff should be able to remove as much waste and food particles from the utensils before washing.

Ensure you do not pour boiling water into the sink, if it is connected with the trap. The hot water will liquefy the fog, forcing it into the sewer pipe. The garbage disposal should not be connected to a trap. Avoid running chemicals and bleach into the sink that connected to the trap. Call a professional today at 646-703-0047 and get your grease trap maintained regularly.

Let Us Maintain Your Grease Trap

We look for cost effective and effective ways to clean your grease trap. Some companies might advise you to pour biological agents and enzymes into the grease trap. These substances will only emulsify the grease, allowing it to pass into the sewer line. Let us clean your traps the best way to ensure you do not exacerbate the problem.

When this grease goes to the sewer line, it solidifies, causing more damage. Instead of all the trouble, we can send our cleaner from one of the local offices near you to clean your traps right.

We will dispose off the waste for you. You do not have to worry. We follow all the New York City, USA regulations to dispose the waste. You are, therefore, immune from fines and clean-up costs that might come with improper disposal. That will never happen when you work with us. We clean your drains while ensuring you do not incur unnecessary costs. As a commercial and restaurant cooking area operator, you are required to document all your kitchen cleaning operations including repairs. You need to have maintenance records ready for inspection by local authorities. We will help you keep that record and ensure that your cafeteria is compliant with all set standards.

We operate in NYC Metro Area, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, NJ, Staten Island and Long-Island. Call us now at 646-703-0047. Our goal is to save time & money.

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